My list of cities and countries to visit

15th Sep 2015

This will be like a to do list about the places I'd love to be in at some point in life. I love the country where I was born in but I don't think we belong to a certain country and getting to know other cultures is a good thing to do.

Talking about trips in my mind, I have a couple of routes I'd love to do.

Usually I spend about 4 days max in a city but I think I could spend up to two weeks in a big city like Barcelona with lots of things to do. I usually plan ahead and book every (previously and thoroughly researched) hostel beforehand to save money and feel safer in every location.


I'm learning portuguese so I'd like to start a trip in Brazil. Since it's so huge and travelling is expensive I'm not sure about being able to go all across the northeast to the southern tip, so I think I'd start in Río de Janeiro and then heading south until I somehow get to Montevideo.

The cities I really have to cover are Rio and São Paulo and I think a week would be alright although I'd love to stay two weeks in any of them. Salvador is a strong option as well as Recife but the plan is heading south to Camboriu or Florianopolis.

Since I'm learning to speak Portuguese I expect to be able to interact with people solely using their language. So that would be really awesome.

Southern Europe

I'd love to go see the southern capitals of Europe. My trip would go like this:

Madrid -> Athens -> Rome -> Barcelona -> Lisbon

I think that this is easily doable using hostels or AirBnB (I've seen cool apartments being offered in Barcelona and Athens) but the hostel option is prefered for the "social" part of it. The tricky part is getting all the money necessary for air tickets, even the low cost ones as they are at least three.

Among these I'm very excited about Athens and Lisbon. In Athens I should just get by speaking as much English as possible and learning some local vocabulary so I don't look like a fool. Lisbon is a different story because I already speak some portuguese and by that time I'll speak it much better than today. Even better if I do the Brazil trip before which will probably be the case but who knows?


Another trip would be a little bit different. I don't have a route but i'd love to visit the following places:

  • Berlin
  • Stockholm
  • Copenhaguen
  • Prague
  • Rejkjavik (I doubt it but they have got a pretty cool low cost so who knows?)
  • Viena (maybe)
  • Budapest (maybe)
  • London


This is definitely important but I don't know if it'd be even possible and it depends a lot on what I'll be doing in the future, but i'd love to revisit Madrid, maybe Zaragoza again for a day, going to Barcelona and exploring Basque Country and Andalusia plus a probable visit to Portugal (Porto and Lisbon). If I'm lucky I'd go to La Línea-Gibraltar and Tangier.

Northern South America

This trip is something I've been thinking about since last year. This is the route that gives me more doubts but it could be amazing:

  • Oruro-Cochabamba
  • La Paz
  • Cuzco
  • Arequipa
  • Lima (here I believe I could spend some time relaxing)
  • Some point in the middle (I'm not too attracted to visit the jungle to be honest)
  • Quito
  • Guayaquil (maybe not. Will depend on my research at that moment)
  • Medellin
  • Bogotá

I can see myself on the bus sweating but it must be worth it.

Inside Chile

I have yet to visit:

  • Iquique (my mission is to do parapente over there)
  • San Pedro (which could be part of the trip through Northern South America)
  • Patagonia (parts of Chile and Argentina, your typical patagonian trip)

I hope I can start them all. I also am thinking of applying to a Work and Holiday visa to Australia or New Zealand. As long as there are enough offers and I have the money to go I could save enough money to have a good long trip and speak English a lot or even fund another trip.