Francisco Fuentes

I'm a passionate developer who loves the web and aims at learning more and more everyday. I studied in Chile as a programmer in Duoc UC Institute and worked mostly on PHP and some Java but later on became more interested on the web, both front and back ends of the development spectrum. Currently I live in Coquimbo, Northern Chile.

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  • 2017 - Present: Freelancer working mainly with Laravel and WordPress. Stores, blogs, websites for small businesses.
  • 2019: Entel Call Center project logistics management web app using Laravel and maintenance of legacy applications.
Some examples of things I've done:


I graduated from Duoc UC Institute in 2016 as a computer engineer (Ingeniería en informática is my official degree).

Previously I studied accounting in INSUCO Eduardo Frei Montalva, a commerce secondary school in Santiago.


A few years ago I knew about Jekyll and became fascinated with the possibilities and advantages of working statically as it allows the server to just show pages with all the heavy lifting already done and then if it's needed, some dynamic services can be implemented by using some asyncronous calls. This website has been built with Hugo.

I've worked with PHP and Java projects but I've also experimented with Django (Python). My favorite framework is Laravel.